Exciting News!

Jennifer Leigh Design will be shutting down so I can team up with my very talented mom at InsideOut Design, Etc!

This is pretty exciting because it means I get to work from home and be involved in some really great jobs.

Here’s a kitchen she designed a couple years ago:

It’s probably my favourite reno to date. This house is one that my mom and I used to walk by when I was younger and admire from the road.

It’s so perfectly situated between the trees and I always wanted to see inside. I never dreamed that I’d actually be able to!

We’re currently working on a few more super exciting jobs so I hope to see you all over at the new blog for InsideOut Design, Etc. and please go “like” our facebook page as well!

A Few Consultations and a New House

Last summer Candace came to me with a beautiful house plan her brother in-law designed for her family. She had a few things she was hoping to incorporate into the design and also wanted to seamlessly blend both her and her husband’s styles into one beautiful home. She leans toward a modern farmhouse style and her husband wanted something more craftsman.

After the initial consultation to tweak the house plan we met a couple more times to pull all the interior and exterior colours and finishes together.

The house had to be built high because it is on a floodplain. In order to keep the house from looking awkwardly high the cultured stone was applied to look like a foundation wall, making the top of the wall act as the “ground”  for the house to sit on. It basically just fools the eye into thinking the house sits lower.

Candace had a good idea about which colours she wanted to use on the exterior and just wanted some advice on how to apply them.  The window trim and facias will be painted white and they’re still deciding on a shake colour. The plan is to paint the front door Benjamin Moore Caribbean Teal which will look so good!

BM Caribbean Teal

The one concern I had was mixing yellows with the cedar posts and railings on the front poch. As long as they are stained a very brown colour there won’t be a problem… so I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

The laundry room is directly off the garage on the ground level. Candace finished the concrete floor herself and I LOVE it. This is exactly what we would like to do in our basement.

From the laundry/mud room we walk up to the main level.

Built in cabinets between two closets offers great storage and looks pretty too.

The brick around the fireplace will be painted white. I will definitely show you pictures when that is finished! The main wall colour is “Cedar Bowl” from General Paint.

This is the view from the living room to the kitchen and dining. One of the changes we made was to take some room from the living room to make the dining room a couple feet wider. This allowed for nicer beam placement, making a perfect space for a coffered ceiling in the living room. It also gave us the opportunity to place the kitchen island perfectly centred on the dining room.

Ignoring the range in the middle of the kitchen and the microwave on the island, I think this is my favourite spot in the whole house. I love a good kitchen sink window that looks out to a red barn:)

The original plan had an L shaped kitchen so we brought the sink wall in two feet on the left side creating two separate walls of cabinetry. This allows the cabinets to sit nicely between the walls and eliminates the upper and lower corner cabinets. It’s also what gives us that perfect sink vignette. Another important detail is the ceiling height cabinetry. Originally they weren’t going to go to the ceiling but the cabinets on either side of the range were going to be glass. I suggested they get rid of the glass and spend the money on full height cabinetry instead. In my opinion, that makes a much bigger statement.

If I was a better photographer (and wasn’t holding a squirmy baby while taking pictures) I may have captured how this all actually lines up.

The view to the foyer.

This will be their 4 year old daughter’s room.

I love the nook that leads to the closet. It sort of reminds me of one of my bedrooms when I was young.

The Ikea PS MASKROS pendant is in the process of being assembled and will be hung above the tub in the ensuite.

I’m loving how the house is coming along and think it’s the perfect combination of their two styles.


It’s Done!

I have to be quick because our internet will be disconnected in half an hour… so follow me…

 Into the living room


Music Room (the wall where the piano will go)

Back to the Living Room. Like our new bin?

Over to the dining room. I’ll explain the off centred light later.

And into the kitchen.

Other side of the kitchen.

Our bedroom

Our closet… I’m still not sure how this is going to work.

The kids room

Their closet.

The bathroom!

Tomorrow is moving day so good night!

P.S. Here’s what it looked like before


The Beautiful Little Blank Canvas Kitchen

The trims are up, one coat of paint is on, the hardwood is half way done, our kitchen is in and our internet is fixed so I can finally tell you about it!

This gives you an idea of our kitchen. I’m still not 100% sure about the moroccan tile though. I love the whimsy it adds without introducing colour but I’m not ready to commit yet so we’re going backsplash-less for awhile.

The reason we don’t have colour in the fixed elements of the kitchen is so my red Kitchenaid Mixer can stand out.

We chose to stick with stainless for the Bertazzoni range…

Artist Bobbie Burgers’ weekend home in the Okanagan

But it looks darn good in colour too.

We will be moving in in a couple weeks so I’m going to wait until then to give you the full tour (mostly because the battery for our camera is dead and I can’t find the charger.)

Have a great weekend!

We Have Drywall!

I may not post very often but that doesn’t mean things aren’t getting done…

Like installing new windows and doors. They’re so nice you hardly notice how bad the siding looks… right?

Oh, that fireplace. I’m in love with the simplicity. The fireplace it self actually has a big black frame around it (you can sort of see it in this post) but I was hoping to avoid that look. Unfortunately that meant choosing from fireplaces in the $4000-$7000 price range. I was beyond happy to find out we could put cement board over this fireplace to get the exact look I was hoping for for thousands of dollars less. I may add a mantel one day but right now I’m liking it just the way it is + paint.

Here is the foyer and former closet that will soon have a bench, hooks and shelves.

About a month ago I said we were hoping to be in in a month. Needless to say, that’s not going to happen so we’re giving ourselves another month:)


Our Bathroom

We’re only finishing our main floor bathroom right now. At only 40 square feet it allows us to splurge a little without breaking the bank.

We bought the tile from Overstock.com and it will arrive Christmas Eve and the latest. We’re really hoping it’s sooner. The total was $474.53 including shipping to our house.

This is a better representation of it. (I think anyway) Isn’t it beautiful?

We’re planning to put white subway tile on the walls at around $2.50 a square foot. The Hytec Langston bath was about a $170 upgrade from the basic soaker tub and is 3″(ish) deeper to the overflow. The faucets are upgraded to the Moen Eva collection. Minimal amount of crevices = easy to clean. Not to mention, for a little bit more money you get something that looks a thousand times better than this:

Seriously, who designed this? I laughed the first time I saw it.

Despite it’s almost blasphemous name we’re getting the GODMORGON mirror from Ikea. I think it’s suppose to be wall mounted Tony says he can recess into the wall without a problem. Which is good because it’s either that or spending WAY more money on a medicine cabinet or getting an ugly one. Because the mirror is tall and skinny, we’re going to put a light on either side instead of above.

We took 24″ from the bedroom closet behind the bathroom for a linen cabinet. It may also have a laundry chute if we can make it work. Taking that space means we don’t have any room for a towel bar. Since there will be 6 people using this bathroom, one towel bar doesn’t do us much good anyway so we’re getting the Ikea GRUNDTAL hanger with six knobs because it hangs vertically and has enough hooks for all of us.

We chose the Kohler Archer pedestal because of style and price. You may be wondering why we’re putting a pedestal sink in a small bathroom. I went back and forth on this too and in the end decided on the pedestal because: 1. It takes up less space, making the bathroom feel more spacious and 2. We’ll have enough storage by adding a linen cabinet and medicine cabinet.

The biggest splurge is the heated floor. We picked up the kit from Home Depot for $300 (I think) and it covers just enough floor area for our little bathroom.

And that’s our luxurious little bathroom!


A Fireplace, a Furnace and Less Head Room

Everyone’s excited to have a fireplace!

The four foot opening from the living room to dining room is now just over six feet. It allows for MUCH better flow through the dining to the patio door and to the kitchen.

The kitchen is ready for electrical and drywall.

The pantry walls were removed so we can return the cabinets around the corner for better storage and more counter space.

The existing drywall in the bathroom looked fine but once it was removed we found a lot of mould.

We stole some room from the bedroom closet for linen storage in the bathroom.

This is the future basement bathroom and there’s the missing window!

Here’s my new laundry room.  See the old hot water tank back there?

Here’s the new, much smaller, one.

There’s the huge furnace that is replacing the current electric baseboard heat. It takes up more space and headroom but it’s much more efficient and means we don’t have to upgrade our electrical. The basement is mostly for our children anyways and they’re still short so….

At this point, we’re hoping to be in in a month. We’ll see how that goes.

Click here to see the pre-demo tour.


A Tour of The Ugliest House on the Block

Welcome to our new home!

Watch your step…

The Living room.

The Pantry.

The spacious kitchen with delightful tile backsplash.

Everything looks good here.

I like how they cut out a nook so the claw foot tub could fit.

The luxurious Master Suite.

The almost as luxurious second bedroom

A practical and beautiful bedroom floor choice.

The mud room/landing. I’m pretty sure at some point in our lives someone is going to be sent flying down those stairs by that door.

The future office.

Oh look. A custom toilet nook. What you can’t see in this picture is that there is a window that the wall runs into so it was just drywalled over.

I’m not sure what is exploding from the wall.

But we got a free tutu.

Future bedroom.

Another future bedroom.

Most of what you see in these photos has already been taken out or changed in some way and now that I have the internet again I’ll try to stay a little more up to date on the progress of the place and our plans for it.