Dreaming of a White Kitchen

Right now I live in a townhouse with dark cabinets and countertops…

It’s not a bad looking kitchen… other than the vent cover that isn’t centred above the range, the 7′ high uppers with 9′ ceilings and a the fact that you can see the top of the unfinished cabinets as you come down the stairs.

If we stay here long enough I may paint the kitchen, add a bigger crown and build out the vent cover so it would be CENTRED. Yes, it drives me nuts. Thanks for asking.

I’m actually hoping we don’t stay here long enough though. Our plan is to move to a house (and have a yard!!) one of these days so I’m collecting ideas for when (and if) that day comes. The style of kitchen will depend on the style of house. But one thing is sure: it will have white… and lots of it.

This kitchen by Jessica Helgerson (one of my favourite designers) would look great in almost any home. The dark island and floor keep the kitchen from looking too cold. The greenery is the perfect finishing touch.

House Beautiful

If we bought an older heritage home, this is the style I would go with. I put open shelves in our current kitchen out of necessity but now that I have them, I love them. Having my every day dishes within easy reach is so practical and it adds character to the kitchen.

Lauren Liess did a great job updating her kitchen on a budget. You can look at her before and afters here. Her entire home is worth a look (LOVE her foyer).


Last but not least, I love this stark white kitchen with whimsical backsplash.

Well, I’m off to call the realtor…

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  1. I totally agree Jen. LOVE white kitchens. I really love that first one in particular. I’m a big fan of contrast, and the darker island is perfect. I also love the open shelving. It does give such character, and makes the space seem so much larger.

  2. I like all of the photos including your own, with the floral prints and shiny pots.
    I have some open shelves which are not built in but are standing, and I love using them. The only trouble is dust; I must rinse dishes before using them.

  3. Thanks! Since I use the dishes on my shelf every day they don’t get dusty but I do have to dust the shelf itself occasionally. Even that isn’t so bad because it has bars which don’t seem to collect dust like a solid shelf would.

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