The Black Door

About a year ago I told my husband I was going to paint all our interior doors black. He rolled his eyes and, of course, had nothing to worry about because I have not found a convenient time to take all the doors off or a place I could even paint them.


Recently I started working with a couple who are considering black doors in their new home. She is more of a white lover but the wonderful thing about the black door is it can make the white stand out more. It’s a bold choice and even though it has been more trendy the last couple of years, it is also timeless.

What I love about black doors is their ability to look like art. If you imagine all these rooms with white doors, they wouldn’t have nearly the impact.

This foyer is so perfectly balanced with black. The beautiful doors are the focal point and the other touches of black just lead your eye right to them.

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is brilliant with colour. In this case, the black doors ground the intense colour palette he has going on.

This is the reason black doors would look great in my place. The entire upper hall is doors with no room for art.

Turn the corner and there’s a couple more doors. It’s a good thing, it means there’s no wasted space but it’s hard to make look good.

Looking down the stairs is our bear rug which would perfectly compliment black doors. I also have hopes of one day replacing theĀ builders special chandelier with something prettier.

Like this chandelier fromĀ Home Depot.

Is the black door the answer to the drama you’ve been searching for?

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  1. I don’t think the black doors would work chez moi but would look fantastic at your house. With the black spindles, bear and glitzy black light…absolutely!!! And some crystal knobs! ;) Have fun. I’m sure it will look great.

  2. Another great blog!

    I love the black doors as well, Jen! I am going to paint the interior of my two exterior french doors a slate colour to add some pop. I guess I better get to it as my new blinds for those doors come in two weeks!

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